Next Generation Cloud Game Engine

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Exceptional Performance

Xe-Engine™ is the best performing WebGL based game engine out there.

The techdemo you see on the screenshot runs smoothly at 30FPS on an Intel® HD4000 at 1920x1080 Full HD resolution in Google Chrome.


A fully fledged toolchain inside your browser, designed for efficiency.

Xe-Engine™ provides a professional grade toolchain to create and manage your games, assets and team.


Utilize integrated hosting as well as distribution platforms like Steam® or Desura to market your game to a larger audience.

With Xe-Engine™ you can not only create cutting-edge browser games but also stand-alone desktop games for all major operating systems. Support for major game consoles is already in the making.


Use all your current and future assets without any file processing from your side.

Xe-Engine™ supports importing of more than 40 industry standard 3D fileformats, countless image formats, as well as Unity® packages.


Working in a team spread around the office or even around the globe has never been easier.

Xe-Engine™ provides you with an extensive game development environment directly inside your browser, all changes to the game and assets are synchronized in real-time to all users in the team.

Fast Iteration

Develop your game using our visual editors or dive into the code with easy to learn web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Xe-Engine™ is developed in plain JavaScript, no cross-compiled C++ or ASM.js between you and the engine.

Open Development

Take part in the development of
Xe-Engine™ not only by providing feedback but also defining our development schedule together with the community!

We're dedicated to create the best engine out there, giving you the tools to achieve your goals, fast and efficient!

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